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5 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a University Application Letter

When it comes to writing a university application letter or cover letter, there are various things you should keep in mind and avoid. In fact, there are several mistakes that commonly happen when someone writes a motivation letter. For your information, 63 percent of recruiters in the US did not find a motivation letter to be an important factor when they recruit applicants. Still, you need to sell yourself even from the first paragraph you have written. Here are the most common mistakes happen when it comes to how to write university application letter.

#1 Lack of research

As we always mention in other articles, you need to do some research before you write a university application letter. The research is supposed to find out anything about the company you are going to apply. The latest obstacles, issues, and problems face by the company could be your tool to sell yourself. Also, it is better if you know the name of the recruiter or even the hiring manager.

#2 Too formal or too casual greetings

Greetings are basically important when it comes to writing a letter especially a university application letter. You may be able to sense the hint of their brand by checking their Career sections on their website. Following their social media accounts would help you so much. If you cannot address the motivation letter to a specific one, you better play it safe like using “Dear Hiring Manager” or similar.

#3 Repeating the entire resume

When the recruiter asks a resume or CV as well as a motivation letter as well, you definitely cannot repeat the entire resume to your motivation letter. Keep in mind that the recruiter already has and reads your resume in the first place this is why you need to make it more interesting, personal, realistic, and professional.

Bottom Line

Essentially, a cover letter or university application letter is supposed to surprise the hiring manager or recruiter. You can demonstrate your knowledge about the company and what you offer to solve the problem. Also, you need to show the recruiter that you are the right person to solve the problem by stating some make sense stuff without too bragging. However, you can’t even underestimate yourself or become too modest.

Highlighting your skill, experience, and achievements are something you need to write in your motivation letter. How to write university application letter should be a tool to sell yourself and convince the employer at the same time.

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