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The Guide of Living in Luxury: Do You Need a Luxury Watch Winder?

Do you need a luxury watch winder? That question has been around for a while, with most of them being asked by watch enthusiasts who do not know a thing about the luxury of owning a quality watch.

In truth, a luxury watch winder might be something you need if you have a quality watch. The history behind this will be explained further in the article, so if you are curious to learn if you need to buy yourself a watch winder or not, then you are free to proceed because this article will probably help you make a decision.

The gist of watch winders

In short, a luxury watch winder is a tool that can do two things: it can keep your watch safe while at the same time winds them. It is often priced exorbitantly because it has an intricate design that can also act as a sort of decoration for you the room this thing is in. Because all decorations are priced expensively, so it should not be a wonder why watch winders got lots of zeros on its price tag as well.  

Do you really need to buy yourself a watch winder?

The answer to this question lies in what kind of watch you got in your collection. If you are someone who collects traditional antique watches that do not require batteries, of course you have to buy luxury watch winders. If your watches got batteries in them (or worse, if they are freaking digital), you will be buying an expensive paperweight if you buy yourself a watch winder.

Why is this? Because traditional watches run automatically, not needing the help of a battery to do so. It runs using a complex spring mechanism that would be confusing for the minds of modern people. Traditional watches need to be wounded to stay alive, and a watch winder is one of the things that can do this.


That is all about today’s article, folks. Before you go asking do you need a watch winder or not, you have to understand what kind of watch you have ‘lest you risk spending all of that cash on something that is not useful.

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