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Living Cost in Netherland when Study There

Netherland was located in the middle of Europe with various food menus and entertainments. You should know that Netherland is an attractive college destination for international students. However, living in Netherland can be expensive as well. Generally, International students living in the Netherlands might spend around € 800 to € 1,100 per month. The food costs, accommodations and daily living costs are unavoidable costs when living abroad and those costs are not small at all. So, if you choose to study in Netherland for Indonesian, it should exciting as well as challenging.


Universities in the Netherlands do not have campus dormitories, so international students usually live in the cities or regions around the campus. Accommodation costs are pretty different from a city to another city. In Amsterdam, accommodation costs can be more expensive than in other cities. In Netherland, the cost of renting a room will usually spend around € 300 to € 600 per month. Before signing a rental contract, then you should know clearly related to what costs are included in your rental fee. Some accommodations include gas, tv, internet fees and electricity. There are some accommodation costs which do not cover all of those costs.


Foods in Netherland is pretty expensive around € 200 per month. There are some universities have canteens sell food at affordable prices. There are some cities have pubs that provide you with affordable foods. However, the cheapest option is still cooking at home on your own or with your friends. There are bars and restaurants provide you with discounts for students if you show your student card. You are also able to get an International Student Identity Card which offers you a lot of discounts in various places such as museums, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Other expenses

Other costs or expenses including books, travel, entertainment and so on. Cinema tickets in Netherland are worth around € 10. You also need to consider the health insurance here, the price can be so varied depending on the type that you choose. The university will provide you with information related to health insurance. You can save more on the transportation costs by buying a discount card for trains if you travel more than two times in a month. This discount card will give you up to 40% discount if you do not travel during busy seasons. You are able to visit the Dutch railways website to get information. Study in Netherland for Indonesian sounds challenging.

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